Infinity and Elevation Piping

Infinity Piping

By choosing Patton's Inc. Infinity or Elevation Piping Systems, you're guaranteed a zero plastic piping system. Made with 100% metal, it's the most cost effective system available. Our non-corrosive push to connect or grooved connect systems are fully tested to ANSI B31.1 and are the most advanced systems available. Compared to your standard piping systems, Patton's Inc. Infinity & Elevation Piping provides aesthetically superior leak free system that includes a Lifetime Warrany. Select your color tubing to distinguish between gases; blue for compressed air, grey for vacuum, black for inert-gases and green for nitrogen specific installations.

Contact Patton's Inc. by phone or email for a free complete analysis of your current piping system. In the market for a new or updated piping system? We'll design an efficient system that will be affordable, reliable and provide you with the best performance available. We'll be able to provide a complete system for your needs installed by a highly trained Patton's Inc. technician.

Infinity Piping

  • ½” to 10” diameters – widest breadth in the industry
  • Straight line flow rates up to 36,000 CFM
  • Simple and rapid installation and modification
  • Minimal tooling required-tube cutter and deburring tool
  • 4°F to +176°F working temperatures
  • 220psi safe working pressure @ max working temperature
  • High flow rates & low pressure losses through smooth bore tubing
  • All metal fittings - NO PLASTIC

Quick-Fit 14mm (½”)

Engineered for light commercial installations and OEM machine applications.

From simple home garage users to hi-tech machine builders and conveyor manufactures, Quick-Fit meets every need. The unique features of Quick-Fit are its light weight marine grade aluminum tubing which will never corrode
and its solid brass nickel plated fittings. When the two components are combined you achieve an unparalleled quality that is not found in any other piping system. Installation of Quick-Fit is literally seconds and
requires nothing more than a simple tube cutter and deburring tool for even the most complex installation. Cut, deburr and push together!

Quick-Fit truly is in a master class of its own, the highest quality, the most durable and all at an affordable cost.

  • Instant push-connect design
  • Guaranteed leak free
  • Strong/durable metal system
  • Non-corrosive components
  • Simple and fast installation
  • Unique flexibility

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Infinity 20mm – 63mm (¾” – 2 ½”)

Industrial & Commercial Installations

Infinity piping offers the performance of heavy, traditional steel piping, at the cost of systems using plastic. Its revolutionary lock-and-seal design ensures a totally safe, leak-free system for all compressed air,
vacuum and inert gas applications. The solid brass, nickel-plated fittings make the system easy to use and install. Infinity’s powder-coated aluminum pipes are so light that they can be handled and installed by one
person. There’s no welding, gluing or threading; a simple pipe cutter and de-burring tool are the only tools required.

With six different piping sizes, Infinity is a sure fit for virtually any industrial and OEM application!

  • Leak-Free connectors provide an immediate, unbreakable seal
  • Lightweight piping remains unaffected by contaminants in the air
  • Fittings can be disconnected and reconnected for reuse

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Elevation 70mm – 273mm (2 ½” – 10”)

For Large Volume Compressed Air Users

Elevation provides the superior performance you need and demand from your air system with room to spare. Elevation is engineered to handle high volumes of compressed air. Simple to install, less than one tenth the weight
of a conventional steel piping installation, Elevation will save time and money. Reducing installation labor while providing a rock solid leak-free system.

Corrosion resistant, Elevation is made of marine–grade aluminum, lowering energy costs and requires zero maintenance. Versatile, Elevation can be used for compressed air, inert gases and vacuum systems alike.

We back our systems with an industry-leading 10 year leak-free guarantee, making Elevation the clear choice for any user.

  • Lightest product on the market
  • Zero contamination due to corrosion
  • Leak free means energy savings
  • Market leading and accepted design
  • High volume flow performance through smooth bore tube
  • Color coded Blue for compressed air, also available in Black and Gray
  • Fully tested and code approved

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